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EM Services Pte Ltd was established in Singapore 1979.  Its core business activity is in town management, as well as providing services in facilities management contracts and project management and engineering management.  In total, EM Services manages almost half a million residential units, 16,000 commercial units, 9,000 market and food centre stalls and 360,000 parking lots.

EM Services needed to be ensured that its telephony infrastructure would be able to support its constant bid to continuous improve its operations.  In needed to be confident that communication between its field staff and customer support would be available  24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  EM services also wanted to update its existing ACD/CCM call centre system to embrace new technologies and support new ways of working.

Previously, EM Services was using the BusinessPhone 250 for its back-office and the Aastra MD100/CCM for its call centre.  After many months of collaborative syudy, it was recommnded that the organization use the Aastra MX-ONE Telephony Switch and Solidus eCare call centre manager.  MX-ONE is an ideal  integrated platforn and allows seamless support of both back-offce functionality as well as front-offce solutions such as an integrated call centre.  The Solidus eCare was also configured and designed to support service call from external customers and mobile workers as well as the public in a way that ensures proper resources are channeled towrds its goal of single-call resolution.  The BusinessPhone 250 with ACD/CCS (Common Channel Signalling) was recommended as an ideal branch office solution to provide backup.

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