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Tailored Solutions is a one of solutions provided by CommServ that is developed either for a specific organization or enterprise that differs from or is opposite of other already available software / hardware (also called off-the-shelf software / hardware). It is not targeted to the mass market, but created for specific companies, business entities, and organizations.

Tailored solutions provided by Commserv usually involve around enterprise communication solutions, such as Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) solutions, Contact Centre integration with customers' existing software and databases, mass messages (e.g. SMS, fax) dispatching solution.

Complex solutions by CommServ is usually developed on many small building blocks.  With additional experts' touch from Commserv engineers, and the rise of rapid application development frameworks, it means that companies are able to benefit from complex solutions based on pre-built application blocks and Commserv's products which are then customized to suit.

For those wishing to outsource or undertake a software project with Commserv, the typical steps involved include:

  1. Initial Meeting - requirements are discussed in detail.
  2. Proposal - a detailed proposal is produced, based on the initial meeting.
  3. Detailed Design - for most projects, there is usually more design work to clarify exactly how the system should work.
  4. Agree Contract - to achieve the best balance between cost and system functionality.
  5. Development - work starts on the proposed system.
  6. Delivery of System - at the end of development, a “functionally complete” system is delivered, which requires end-user testing.
  7. System Completed - testing is complete, and the system is ready for deployment.
With Commserv's rich heritage, companies can trust us to deliver a completely tailored solution for its needs.
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