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Full-Time Recording for Enhanced Compliance and Reduced Liability

         Verint Call Recording is an enterprise recording and archiving solution designed to meet the needs of today’s call centers, contact centers, and customer interaction centers. This software-based recorder provides full-time recording and compliance recording to help contact centers increase operational effectiveness, reduce liability, comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and other industry standards, and expedite dispute resolution.

Verint® Intelligent Call Recording™

Verint® Intelligent Call Recording™ is a single, prepackaged solution that couples call recording with the power of speech processing, helping you realize more value from captured interactions. Designed for business and IT users, this innovative software can capture, index, and retrieve voice, screen, and other methods of interaction from traditional time-division multiplex (TDM), Internet Protocol (IP), Session Initiated Protocol (SIP), and mixed environments. Moreover, it can automate call tagging using out-of-the-box call disposition topics, as well as topics that you define.

With Verint Intelligent Call Recording, you can quickly search, replay, and report on calls by topic, which can dramatically reduce cost and time required for call reviews. The solution can even apply multiple tags to a single call — a benefit for long or complex calls — and provide alerts based on call disposition thresholds. Content-driven dashboards and intuitive reporting can help you gain a deeper understanding of why customers are calling, so you can take action.

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Key Benifits access

Provides a full-time, enterprise recording and archiving solution to help enhance compliance, reduce liability, and support customer engagement management.

Captures voice interactions, agent screen data, chat, and email and makes recordings accessible through a single Web interface.

Incorporates the power of speech processing for automatic call disposition, with faster, more accurate search, replay, and reporting by key call topic.

Provides a lower total cost of ownership with reliable performance, easy serviceability, and the convenience of non-proprietary, open standards storage.

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