Unified Communications & Collaboration

Our Solutions are Simple yet Comprehensive, Flexible and Reliable

When our tools are integrated into a system that allows easy flow of communication among devices, it’s called Unified Communications and Collaboration, or UCC.

Just as a line is the shortest distance between two points, unified communications allow businesses to make the fastest possible decisions and transactions. UCC allows users to communicate in whatever manner best suits their needs or situation. And the individual tools are interconnected so that access is streamlined and efficient. All of our voice solutions can be expanded into full, feature-rich UCC solutions. And because we give you the option to run our powerful solutions on our hardware or on your servers through software, you can expand on your terms and your timing.

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MiVoice MX-ONE

The MiVoice MX-ONE multimedia communications server is the foundation for enabling complete integration of true multimedia, Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) applications and mobility in the enterprise.

MiCollab UM and AM

Unified Messaging and Advanced Messaging are powerful suite of UC applications including advanced call processing, voice mail, e-mail integration, personal assistant, fax, speech and notifications